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[Dud] Zelda-Piano Dark World [Dud] Zelda-Piano Dark World

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hey my bad on the other review I thought you were the guy who reviewed me and wanted me to check out his Windmill song but nonetheless it was good as I said. Anyways, you played this one really good as well. And since it was much harder and longer AND because you pulled it off by ear I give you a 10! :D

I was able to point out a few mistakes on the treble side and the bass side I'm not exactly sure. You might have written it out wrong but still to play two completely different melodies at the same time is hard as hell. I would know because I play guitar and I only use one hand to press on the frets while the other is picking. My brain is working both hands but I'm not creating two different melodies I'm creating one. So I know piano is hard so great job and MAKE MORE! :D

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Dudidum responds:

Of course there might be some errors because my ear isn't too exact ;) but I gave it a try. I don't think that piano is so much harder than guitar since I play both. It's just a matter of training ;). But since I started with piano playing guitar seems a lot harder to me, dunno why ^^.

Thanks for your words!

ps.: np for mixing me up ;). I'll just leave you a review.

[Dud] Zelda Song of Storms v.2 [Dud] Zelda Song of Storms v.2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice Playing!

Thanks for the review you gave me a while back I guess i forgot to respond. I was hoping for a remix song tho but oh well. Anyways on to my review I must say you played it well and the sound was amazing. Crystal clear. Good Job make more people will listen! ;)

Dudidum responds:

I must say that my piano was terrible out of tune at that time. I think I'll upload some HQ stuff in some time... ;).
Anyway thx for da review!

ps.: Your remix was also very nice ;)

windmill storm song oot zelda windmill storm song oot zelda

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Quite Interesting!

Now i liked you're mix here but the thing it was missing is those echo and the bass sound thing was horrible i'm sorry. But like i said it was good but what I find makes good mixes are echoes. And reverb. Put in a bass but not that grungy sound thing. But yes it was a good mix. Diverse and all and i like the drums. Now im not a professional but I hope you enjoyed my review! Oh and by the way im making more mixes eventually if you have msn you can add me Destroyingthepeace at hotmail so yeah talk to you again! :)